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This design brings together the comforts of country living with the convenience of an urban setting. Just like the best aspects of country living, this community celebrates its wild backyards, access to nature, nearby farming, and the sense of community that promotes caring and sharing relationships between neighbors. Country Roads and Homes blurs the lines between different types of affordable housing, with 32 single family and 8 four-plex homes with yards, as well as 20 studio and 20 family apartments in a mixed-use commercial perimeter. The community layout is designed to promote interaction, with shared garages and multiple outdoor spaces to host social gathering with green activities. The classic American yard is reconfigured to support both community and ecological function. The back 15' of each yard is a prescribed"No-Mow Infiltration Zone". Here, stormwater is not only productively filtered, but these spaces support diverse corridors of wetland plants and wildlife. The "No-Mow Infiltration Zones" also provide access to nature and support a sense of wildness for residents.  In this community, farming is always visible and accessible, with a showcased urban farm, as well as multiple community garden plots located amongst the more urban perimeter of the community.  Through a combination of thoughtful community design layout and green infrastructure, Country Roads and Homes brings together all the pleasures of country in the context and convenience of an urban area. 

Country Roads & Homes

Fall 2019 - EAS 688 - Site Planning - Taught by Stan Jones.

An urban infill sustainable community development at State St. and Ellsworth in Pittsfield Township, MI.

Site Plan - Country Roads and Homes - Ev
Context Map- Country Roads and Homes - E
Infiltration Diagram - Country Roads and
Social Diagram- Country Roads and Homes
Shared Spaces Diagram - Country Roads an
Making Farming Visible Diagram - Country
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